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G     A     L     L     E     R     Y

         p  a  i  n  t  i  n  g  s                    s  c  u  l  p  t  u  r  e                  a  d  o  r  n  m  e  n  t  s

"Ceremony of Color"
"Flower Hat Jelly"
"Mantodea" (praying mantis)
"Raindrops and Fireflies"
"Stevie Ophelia Elephant"
"Untangling Heart Strings"
"Under Eternity"
"Rain Dance"
"Spirit of the Forest"
"Desert Leo"
"India Moose"
"Green Man India"
Norbulingka: Tibetan Wood Painting
"Lady of the Land"
"Fierce Leo"
"Oil Scape"
"That Guy"
"Birds Eye View, Fish Eye Lense"
"Castles Melting"
"Atitlan Mermaid"
"Tangles that arise in Seeking"
"Creatures in the Night"
"Melting into it"
"Cloudy Innards"
"Bus Trip"
"Magenta Moonrise" totem
"Golden Spiral" Totem
"Squid Invertebrate"
LEAF Spring 2016 Installation
"Pineapple Leaf"
"Blue Flower Sculpture"
"Aztec Warrior Space Shield"
"Sunshine Masquerade"
"Femine Energy"
Hand carved form
Wooden bubbles
Freedom of Spirit
A Tiny Implanted Kernel Sprouts and Emerges Consuming the Sheath of a Newly Budd
A Tangle Unearthed by Infatuated Wonder Sluggishly Unwinds to Form a Gangly Serp
A Sinister Twirl Schemes to Entwine Peculiar-Shaped Ripples Enshrouded in Burl.j
A tribute to my grandfather
Space Oddity
Bike for the Boone Bike Iniative
Looking up at my tipi poles :)

         o    t    h    e    r      p   r   o   j   e   c   t   s 

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