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TIPI TIMELAPSE: Erecting a traditional Sioux Tipi

Throughout my life, starting very young, tipis have been a prominent symbol in my world. Returning from Guatemala and overwhelmed by the excessiveness of western society; I set out to construct a safe haven, a ceremonial center and an absolutely beautiful, simple, indigenous structure. After three months of chainsawing and hammering; puzzle-pieceing together donated, reclaimed, mismatched, recycled wood, a 28-foot sloping octagonal deck appeared. After all this, the erection of the actual tipi was surprisingly easy. The shadows of dancing leaves cast through the translucent canvas, watching a tiny bluebird build its nest within its walls and hosting some of my favorite women for a Passionflower Ceremony; I love teepees. Native American culture is interlaced in the trees and buried in the soil. I give this tipi and this experience as an offering to ancient wisdom and cultures lost.  


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