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“ N a ï r o s h e e b í “

Altarpiece of the Ancient Future❤️🌿✨

This is a powerful piece ~ one of a kind, hand~sculpted & intricately painted with ancient adornments to enrich your medicinal connection to the earth and provide a stunning altar and refuge in your home to remind you of your own sacred depths.


Mixed~media on hand cut wood.


✨Quite heavy✨you can pick it up at my home, @spero_abode or if you are within a reasonable area, I can deliver ~in a ceremonial fashion ~of course~ and help guide you to nurture your own unique intentions ✨✨✨🌱✨

I’d be honored 🙏❤️⚜️⭐️✨

“Naïrosheebi” Altarpiece

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