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“Hydroflurèlla” Original Acrylic Painting

40”x32” acrylic on birchwood, framed.

For the seeker that sought to explore~

Always chasing the unopened door..

I don’t ask why so much anymore.

When it comes to my Art,

The world may be spinning,

Or falling apart~

—But if there is paint,

And I have eyes,

and a hand, and a heart..

Then, I will paint.

My soul the target

My brush, the dart.

When things seem crazy,

Desire feels wilder,

A passionate longing,

A tantalizing obsession,

A rainbow~overdosing affliction,

Unable to hold back expression.

I feel the energy moving,

A deep knowing—

that it needs to happen this way

The mystery of the moment,

of where each stroke of color will lay

Tingles me as the bristles sway~

A feeling like I’ve done this before

Ancient ancestors, waves roar

And I will do it many many times more

Channeling these mysterious energies

An open flowing conduit~~~

I have to keep catching on-to-it~

Before it floats away~

Balancing, synergy, chaos

breath, harmony...

Who even knows why?

Paint on wood does not lie—

The glow inside

leaves me knowing~

like nothing else can,

That it all goes on and on,

forever into eternity and infinity

For as far as eye will ever see

If I only let it be,

raindrops to streams,

rivers of dreams,

lakes into the sea

There is no I,

only we. 🌏🖖

“Hydroflurèlla” Original Painting

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