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16x20" original acrylic on birch painting,

in hand-painted, purple custom frame. 


*Payment plans availible, contact artist for more info.


”Let flow to let go,
see what you know
that they know,
we see,
what we sow,
We beam high
We beam low
is a bow,
Tied on both sides,
The truth hides,
Until you find
You can rowwww
The sea
Of dreams
that we fly
So high
When others
In us
We can trust
It’s a must
Not make believe
Up our sleeve
Please don’t leave
this space
It’s a place
Where we see
and breathe
Be free”

“ A Y A D A D O O P E D A “
16x20” acrylic on wood, 2021, Peru.

I painted this with Aya, then spent most of an entire ceremony gazing into this window, letting her tell me a story. The plants are always on our side, the deeper truths will always be revealed in time

"Ayadadoopeda" Original Painting

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