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“Visionary Artist Ashley Spero creates vibrant, colorful, 

meditative Art that uplifts the mind, opens the heart and awakens the soul.”




Meet SPERO, a multimdimensional forest creature plant spirit medicine woman who weaves colors to transmute energy and transport the viewer through her paintings, sculpture, installation, performance and wearable art forms.

Ashley Spero creates vibrant, meditative artworks; bubbling with color and pulsating with vibrational energy. She channels ancient-future juju intuitively by layering shapes, archetypes, symbols, and patterns to form a lush, multidimensional web of interwoven everythingness. Spero treats each work as she would a plant; starting with a seed, that radiates out, growing roots and branches. Her work serves as a mirror; a reflection into the viewers own inner web, a window to healing; and a magical portal of pure medicina

Spero creates full time in her log cabin in the North Carolina mountains surrounded by lots of plants and herbs and her cat named Monkey.

A  R  T  I  S  T    S  T  A  T  E  M  E  N  T


SPERO ART is vibrant, meditative, unique visionary fine art. This artwork is crafted from hand-cut wood, reclaimed and recycled materials, and intricately painted with brightly colored acrylics. Some pieces remain two-dimensional, while others evolve into more complex sculptural work. Rooted in nature and inspired by visionary spirit consciousness, these unique, detailed paintings and sculptures brighten the mood, uplift the mind and awaken the soul. SPERO ART is painted medicine made with heart, love and intention.                              


I believe ancient, indigenous and futuristic archetypes exist within all of us; morsels from past lives, love and new experiences, waiting to be unearthed and explored. I hope that upon viewing my work, the viewer is presented a mirror to their own inner world; experiencing a moment of child-like awe, an arousal, and a reminder that the universe cradles endless layers of magic and mystery waiting to be revealed. I want to bring alive tribal dances, occult secrets, talking animals, sexual flowers, primitive love, plant medicine, eternal playfulness, and a unique, tiny porthole into the boundlessness of beauty, creation and imagination.

My work is all about color, vibrancy, energy, and most of all, growth. Art as a tool for spiritual and emotional growth is what keeps it a part of an infallible string tying us forever together. I believe in this process, I am uncovering a visual aesthetic to express an indescribable, intuitive, emotional world and share it.

Energy is my muse and art is my ceremony. Through these works, I strive to create a tangible form that serves as a shrine, homage, and humble tribute to the beauty of life and the magnificent intricacies of our Universe. Each piece providing segue to an emotional experience, and becoming a totem in the process of weaving together a language for our collective spiritual consciousness.

Ashley Spero has always been an artist. She received a BFA in Sculpture & Painting from Appalachian State University in 2009. After graduating and realizing she did not have the hundreds of pounds of tools and machinery needed for large-scale sculpture, and pretty much only had a backpack and a rusty Subaru, she set off to travel and see the world. After living abroad for several years; living primitively and simply, learning how to listen to the plants, grow food, host ceremony and build with natural materials, she returned to the states to pursue her soul purpose: Art. Her wild, adventurous spirit allows her to relentlessly pursue her passion, while a determined, strong-willed work ethic woven with a giggly goofball spirit keeps her on the path of peering into the wondrous, mysterious sway of the universe by any means necessary. With each creation, Ashley strives to dive deeper into her own self, while also being able to reach out farther into the world.

We are entering a monumental, multidimensional shift, a new age and a new paradigm. We must all follow our calling, listen to our hearts and do our part to raise the vibration and create a world we can all feel at peace, free, loved and truly connected.

I love you.

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